Hello world, I’ve wanted to start a personal blog for some time now as to share my thoughts on many subjects and more importantly my software development experiences. So I’ve been inspecting different blog software for a few weeks now from Wordpress to a few ColdFusion (CFML) blogs like BlogCFC and MangoBlog. Even considered the Xindi and Mura CMS engines to be used as a blog. Since I program primarily in ColdFusion these days I was aiming for a blog written with CFML. Then one day I stumbled upon Octopress, I don’t recall how or why exactly however I was at work so I “starred” the Repo on GitHub for viewing later. I like Octopress’s design and also figured that this would be a good project to dive into the Ruby programming language since I have no experience with it. As I looked further into Octopress it became the clear winner for me.

Keep a lookout for future posts about my adventures using the Octopress blog as well as many other posts including but not limited to technology, motorcycles, art, or whatever else I may want to share.

Shout outs to:

  • The Octopress blog and it’s documentation that helped me get started.
  • Alessandro Melandri’s DarkStripes theme, the Octopress theme I’ve decided to start with (it’s based on the Octopress default which is nice in itself). I have plans to spice up DarkStripes in a few areas though so if you are interested keep an eye out for future posts about my changes to the theme.
  • Ruby for being the language that’s running this madness. A language in which I plan to learn much more about.
  • GitHub for hosting numerous projects and Wikis that I cloned or read up on to get this blog going.
  • Google for always helping me find what I need from my random searches.
  • Lastly, my loving wife for her support and everlasting awesomeness.